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The Whizzinator: A Guide

Many people are not conversant with what the heck is a whizzinator. A whizzinator is a device that is used in the simulation of urine in male humans in place of real urine during sexual fetish. Among few who understand, some of them have been purchasing the device in their fraud attempts to defeat drug tests. A fact is that a whizzinator is like a self-contained kind of a thing. This is because with it are heater packs to control the temperature of urine, syringes, and also it contains dried urine. It also comes with an instruction manual.


The whizzinator device came into the public revelation like a decade ago. However, we do not know for how long the device had been used before being unmasked. This act of getting into the people's eyes came into being after various high rated professionals were caught with them in various places like places of work. Others carried them to drug tests just to be sure to evade the test little did they know that it would be their undoing.


The company that made the Synthetic Urine also managed to come up with a female version of the whizzinator which might be more of disposable unisex but not completely similar. In fact, at certain times, some women have been charged with criminal mischief and out of order conduit. Such crime may arise out of panic maybe the woman is way far from home and is to undertake a drug test in a few hours to come. In such cases, they might need to their devices to be microwaved in cases of heater packs running low.


This device has even been discussed among the law enforcers trying to figure out how they can beat the users in their own game. Cases of the use of whizzinator don't cease to be reported. Like in some recent past a man on probation was caught and charged with use of a whizzinator just before undertaking a very crucial drug test.


On deep investigation, the administration behind the Whizzinator Touch was unearthed. On being put to the test it was found that its main purpose was to beat mental health and substance abuse sector in coming out with correct results when it came to drug tests.


The manufacturers of the whizzinator pleaded guilty to the crime of selling the drug paraphilia one which was associated with fraudulently defeat of drug tests.