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Whizzinator: The World's First Synthetic Urine Device


There are a lot of people all over the world whom have secrets that they want to keep for themselves. While some of their secrets may not be that personal, it can still ruin their future career and family relations as well, if ever that secret was revealed. A good example of a secret that most people keep for themselves is drug usage. This is most especially true to individuals who do sports and other athletic activities, which is more than likely taboo in their own rights. And if ever they would get caught with drugs in their system, they would more than likely be expelled or have their careers terminated. A very simple yet effective way to find out whether the suspected individual has drugs in his or her system is by using the urine examination method. Another example of someone who would want to keep a secret is drug use in regards to their job. Most jobs in this current day and age would typically require every applicant to first undergo a urine test. Much to most people's demise, urine examination is highly accurate and it is also required for a certain individuals to administer the test procedures in order for the person who is taking the urine exam to not cheat. Fortunately in this current day and age, we actually have a device that can easily help us cheat our way in our urine examination. Best of all, it is also relatively hard to detect. And it is all thanks to devices like the real Whizzinator XXX with its touch sensitive valve and also the Female Whizzinator .


The Whizzinator Touch is basically a type of synthetic urine device that is mostly used to let the user perform peeing simulations while the pee is of course derived from other methods such as synthetic urine rather than your own pee. This is highly popular with athletes and other individuals who would like to pass with flying colors in their urine examinations. The thing about the whizzinator is that it also comes with a temperature indicator as well as a heater pack as well, so that it can maintain a certain degree of hot or warmness which is basically how urine would feel naturally whenever it is released. There is basically a male or female variation of the whizzinator device and the best part about this is that the prosthetic genital can also be purchased in different color tones as well, in order for the device to match your body complexion. In closing, if you ever are required to take a urine exam and you do not want your secrets revealed, then use the whizzinator.